Why Smoking Cannabis Causes Red Eyes

Date Posted: 7th November 2017 | Category: Uncategorized

Apart from a goofy smile, one of the giveaways when a person has smoked marijuana is their red eyes (not as red as the terminators but still red enough for the police, a teacher, or your boss to notice – not good!). It is one of the most common signs of smoking weed, but what is the reason that cannabis causes red eyes?

It is kind of strange that almost everyone who smokes pot has red eyes. But if you think that this is a bad thing, you are wrong. The phenomenon of red eyes has been linked to why patients with glaucoma are prescribed cannabis.

Could Allergy to Cannabis Smoke Cause Red Eyes?

There are some people who suggest that red eyes could be caused by an allergy to cannabis smoke. Some studies have found that there are a number of people who are allergic to cannabis. Even people who smoke tobacco, sometimes get red eyes. This could naturally suggest that smoke in the eyes causes discomfort.

Although this idea is not far-fetched, it still does not explain why red eyes occur even when people eat or vaporize cannabis. The red-eye phenomenon happens even to those stoners who prefer ingesting their cannabis through edibles, oils or tinctures. So, avoiding smoking weed does not mean that you can escape from the red eyes.

Red Eyes are Why Weed Heals Patients of Glaucoma

The most probable explanation for why cannabis causes red eyes is the plant’s famous main ingredient, THC. THC decreases blood pressure, which causes a dilation of capillaries and blood vessels. When it comes to the eyes in particular, the ocular capillaries get dilated, which boosts blood flow through the eyes and effectively results in red eyes.

It is this THC function that makes it an excellent medicine for patients with glaucoma. Although the condition cannot be completely cured by THC, it helps patients live with glaucoma symptoms without the risk of loss of sight. Cannabis helps in relieving the buildup of pressure caused by glaucoma. Does alcohol do that? No! Alcohol does cause you to lose your temper and act like a fool though!There is not too many drugs better at destroying friendships than alcohol as well! Moreover, this property is why cannabis causes red eyes.

Hiding Red Eyes

It is not actually a bad sign to get red eyes from using cannabis. In fact, it is a sign that the herb is actually doing one of the medicinal things it is supposed to do. Unfortunately, however, there is still a stigma that is attached to red eyes as it is almost always connected to the use of marijuana. So how do you hide your red eyes?

Cannabis causes red eyes – you cannot avoid it. The good thing you need to keep in mind is that it only lasts a few hours, so you could simply wait it out. Another option that is available to you is the eye drops for red eyes that are available in pharmacies. You will find a few different types of eye drops to choose from – some work more effectively than others. There are also certain types of food that work in constricting the blood vessels, like chocolate and caffeine. These could help you hide red eyes from using cannabis.

You cannot avoid red eyes when you smoke marijuana. It is a part of using this herb. However, you can use a few products and foods to help you reduce the redness. The thing you need to keep in mind is that red eyes are not any adverse effect that you should worry about. So just relax and enjoy your joint.

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