Signature Tour


Commercial Grow Facility and Dispensary Photo

Commercial Grow Facility

We’ll start you off with an educational tour, offering firsthand knowledge and experience of the growing process. You’ll see the various phases the plant goes through, from seed to flower, before it lands on a dispensary’s shelves. You’ll witness some of the most popular strains being grown today, on a commercial scale, up close and personal!

State of the Art Dispensary (Med Men) Photo

State of the Art Dispensary

Check out some of the hottest cannabis strains and products on the market, from flowers and concentrates, edibles and drinks, body products, and so much more! You’ll be able to learn about different strains, effects, and medicinal benefits that cannabis has to offer. Talk with expert budtenders, and address your specific needs. You’ll soon be a well-informed and happy canna-consumer!

Cannabis Kitchen and Bakery Photo

Processing Facility

See how cannabis is broken down into different forms and compounds! These cleaner and more concentrated cannabis forms are paving the way for newer health, and recreational uses. Here you will learn about the various types of products being produced, including a focus on the extraction and uses of THC concentrates, as well as lesser known derivatives, such as CBD, terpines, and their many holistic benefits. You’ll learn to see past the stigma, and into what makes a concentrate so unique.

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