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The Cali Kush Tours Story

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The increased legalities connected to the progressive emergence of cannabis, and its many potential benefits, had piqued our interests for a while, as the steady stream of further medical and socio-cultural developments bubbled out of the woodwork. We found that a large and increasing number of chronically ill patients, across the globe, were benefiting from the prescribed use of Cannabis, and its abundance of highlighted applications. It was at this time, with the prospects of open legalization shining on the horizon, that we realized a bridge into this budding industry was needed- something easily accessible, for everyone and anyone interested in enjoying the herbs benefits. Wanting to remove the stresses generally found in this type of new and unfamiliar territory, our team took up a responsibility to provide both foreigners and locals alike, with the ultimate cannabis experience- all within the comforts of a state-approved organization. Thus, Cali Kush Tours was born. We have remained focused on the improved quality of life for all suffering medical patients. These illnesses include, but are not limited to: Cancer, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, and HIV. Whatever the ailment, our mission is to help anyone who finds solace within the cannabis plant, by spreading awareness through a specialized tour of fun and educational events. At Cali Kush Tours, we plan to do this through teaching, empowering, and providing access to some of the most current and enlightening resources available!

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Our Vision combines Cannabis Education, Collective Well-Being and Fun!

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Cali Kush Tours, LLC's "Kushable" Projections

Comparable to wine tasting events here in California, but with an edge, in a fun, relaxed environment our customer satisfaction ratio will be unmatched.

The expansion of our vision and humanitarian effort is to assist with quality of life improvements world wide. Starting in our home state of California we will provide tours that will offer an exhilarating educational journey. The different Style of tour options we offer include; Signature bus, VIP limo, and Private Group bus tours . Cali Kush Tours will travel throughout Los Angeles County, primarily covering the Hollywood area. We will visit a host of locations like Dispensaries, Commercial Grow operations and a infused edible bakery/kitchen where exclusive hands on education will be provided.

Whether you are a resident or simply visiting California, join us at Cali Kush Tours and experience wine tasting style cannabis tours that will take you to a whole new dimension.