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Hotel Normandie Photo

Hotel Normandie

Address: 605 South Normandie Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005

Policy: ​Hotel Normandie has provided reasonable accommodations to local cannabis patients for years. Once the recreational laws take effect in 2018 anyone 21 and over will be able to enjoy the same benefits. Show them some love and book with this historical landmark.​

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Hollywood Bed & Breakfast Graphic Photo

Hollywood Bed & Breakfast

Address: 1701 N Orange Grove Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046​

Phone: ​(323) 874-8017

Policy: ​Smoking is not allowed indoors, but the environment is super laid back at this B&B! Keep it outside if you decide to consume, or better yet- bring along some edibles!​

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USA Weed

An indispensible virtual guide to Cannabis friendly activities and destinations in the US. Tours, cooking classes, group activities, lodging, restaurants, all with a friendly, welcoming attitude regarding cannabis and its use. There is even a “Cannabis for Dummies” Section available for those getting acquainted with the many uses of Cannabis for health and happiness.

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Bud and Breakfast Graphic

Bud and Breakfast

Virtually indispensable international guide to Cannabis friendly destinations. Some even include the cannabis! Beautiful accommodations available in different price ranges. Opportunity to get away or to come and socialize. With the availability so diverse, everyone will find just the right place for their trip.

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