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Cali Kush Tours News & Blog

Experience the Vibe of California through Cali Kush Tours

Showcasing the California Lifestyle and Cannabis Culture

Add Cali Kush Tours to your list of things to do in Southern California. Explore the emerging recreational cannabis industry and be one of the firsts to experience this new found freedom with the end of prohibition nearing as we know it. All ckt customers will have access to an extensive list of cannabis affiliate services. So you will know where & when all of the most in demand canna friendly locations, events & venues will be during your stay.

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Cali Kush Tours Reviews

Cali Kush Tours continues to push the envelope for the cannabis culture. Once the laws take effect in 2018 I fully expect that they will lead the cannabis tourism industry in Southern California. My wife and I are truly pleased to hear that Cali Kush Tours is moving forward with their plans to launch their tour bus company. The delayed timeline for recreational cannabis use hasn’t stopped them. Keep up the good work, we look forward to the official launch!

Sonny USA

I have known about Cali Kush Tours for a while now. I’m from the Los Angeles area, and they’re the first one’s i’ve heard of to start working on this type of business. I’m definitely going to check out the signature tour when they open for business in 2018.

Carlos USA

We are very disappointed that once again we’re delayed by the red tape we call laws. We were looking forward to activities and events surrounding the success of the new recreational laws. While we are disappointed that we’ll have to wait for the tour, we are excited to see that Cali Kush Tour’s has not allowed this set back to stop them. Can’t STOP the TOUR!

Michelle & Jasmine USA

It’s good to see how things are changing for the better here in California, there are a lot of benefits this plant has to offer. I think it’s great that Cali Kush Tours will be educating people on the different processes by way of their tours, not to mention the boost our economy is going to get from this new industry!

Rachel USA

How can anyone ignore the amount of excitement that is surrounding California as a new recreational cannabis state? Incorporating this tour into our West Coast travels sounds like the perfect vacation. We heard about this tour online and we are postponing our trip in hopes that we can be on the first tour launching in 2018.

Cathy USA

I heard about this tour on Cannabis Talk 101, I am looking forward to seeing how Cali Kush Tours will put the whole thing together.

Jesse USA

Share your SoCal cannabis tour experiences with us

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