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California Cannabis Faqs

Marijuana Act

California adult cannabis activity

Prop 64 Penalty reductions

Possess up to 1 ounce marijuana and 8 grams concentrate. Transport or give away cannabis in those same amounts.


Homegrow up to 6 plants. Process and keep entire harvest.


Smoking in public, open container.

Smoking where tobacco is banned.

Ticket: $100

Ticket: $100

Age 18-20. Once ounce marijuana, 4 grams concentrate or 6 plants.

Ticket: $100

Age 18 and up: Possess, transport or give away over 1 ounce, excess concentrate, more than 6 plants, illicit sales or intent to sell.

Penalties up to 6 months, $500 or both

Third time or aggravated* offense of more than 6 plants, illicit sales or intent to sell.

Misdemeanor or Felony 16 months to 4 years

Sales involving minors under age 18

Felony up to 7 years

Minors up to age 18. All offenses. Records cleard at age 18.

Counseling, community service, drug education

*Involve minors, transport out of state for sale, gross negligence, environmental/water shed damage, toxic/hazardous substances, prior super strike, registered sex offender.

Chart prepared by court qualified cannabis expert witness Chris Conrad.
Online guide to AUMA at chrisconrad.com / Friends of Prop64.org. Support from Drug Policy Action.